About us

Society „Baltic raku”

Non-governmental society of professional artists, pedagogues and project managers, founded in 10th of August 2011.



To promote the development of traditional and professional ceramics in Latgale, to attract international audience and to promote local habitant’s, especially youth’s, understanding of region’s culture and contemporary art.



  • To promote sustainable social and economic development of society by using the culture resources innovatively and strategically;
  • To promote the international collaboration in culture, education and integration;
  • To extend the society’s education and information possibilities in visual art.



Synergetic collaboration between countries, sectors and disciplines, based on happiness, openness and creativity.



  • To cognise the fermented „Baltic raku” ceramic and to popularise it;
  • To exhibit in Latvia and in foreign countries;
  • To promote the involvedness of creative persons in development of cultural environment and to delegate representatives for councils, committees and institutions deciding on culture development;
  • To organise training courses for ceramists, creative NGO and other cultural institution members as well as other individuals;
  • To create a data base of fermented raku ceramic masters;
  • To co-ordinate professional issues of „Baltic raku” brand development and popularising;
  • To fulfil the society’s tasks and aims with joy.



  • Aiming at increase of quality in project management and artistic excellence;
  • Appraisal of education and forwarding the knowledge by participating in different educational programs, organising seminars and masterclasses for craftsmen, students, professional artists and other interested persons;
  • Innovations (unconventional use of old techniques and introduction of new techniques);
  • Networking and interdisciplinary collaboration (art and education, art and science, art and tourism);
  • International collaboration;
  • Work with public (discussions, lections and organised art events).