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European Crafts Conference in the National Library in Riga

21 October in Riga, in the new building of the National Library took place the European craft conference ‘Creating Sustainable Economics’. It was an ambitious final event of the three-year-long project ‘Regio-Crafts’ managed by the Zemgales Planning Region. One of the project participants was ‘Baltic Raku' ceramist I. Šauša. During the project the ‘Baltic raku’ burning technique and some examples of the hand-made products were presented in Feenhuizen (the Netherlands), Kavala (Greece) and the conference in Riga.

The main goal of the project was to strengthen the role of craft in the European Union and to promote the development of the sector in each project partner regions, thereby increasing its role in the economy.
The event was serve as a platform for discussions among decision makers at European and national level, craftsmen and their associations, education institutions, SME support institutions and tourism associations as well as universities and research institutions on solutions for development of crafts as significant part of economic sector.
“There is a perception that if the crafts have survived for thousands of years, then crafts will survive in the future too, but the reality shows that a skilled craftsman is becoming less, the craft traditions are remained with some hobby skills. Crafts – it’s not just creating jewellery or building log houses. It is passion. Everything that a craftsman creates with his five senses – vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch – is an unbelievable value for an individual, for the society, for the ethnic community. Unique signs and ornaments that are embedded in the masterpieces create patriotism and generate the feeling of community – of being united, being one of a kind”, said Dace Strautkalne, the manager of the conference and the project.

Project "Regio-Crafts" is implemented in the INTERREG IVC program.
More about the event: