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Animation workshop

From 9th to 15th of July 2012 the society ‘Baltic Raku’ conducted an animation workshop in the Daugavpils Clay Art Centre.  The workshop “Discover ‘Baltic Raku’ ceramic!” took place as part of the Latgale Culture Program with financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation and the Latgale Region Development Agency.  Students of Daugavpils Children Art School, Daugavpils University and Art Academy of Latvia, as well as professional artists could participate.
The overall objective of the workshop was to popularise half-forgotten, six centuries old quenched / fermented ceramics technology, where the glass-like glaze enriched with metal oxides is replaced by rye-flour yeast. This peculiar pottery tradition is the common cultural heritage of the three Baltic countries, Belarus, and Russia, the territory that is united by a tradition of rye cultivation and black bread. In Latgale this technique has been practised till the 20ties of the XX century when the welfare of its inhabitants grew and it was possible to afford the more expensive glazed vessels. However, the fermented ceramic has again become topical due to its being ecological and the visual attractiveness of the making process.

This unique local tradition is practically unknown outside the indicated region. Nevertheless, it possesses some similarities with the Japanese and American post firing raku techniques, whose essence is manipulations with just fired and still glowing pottery after it has been taken out of a kiln.

Created films came out in DVD and are also available to see online at:
Animation workshops was drawed and made by: Diana Bobrova, Ilze Emse, Marta Folkmane, Nikolajs Hasjuks, Arta Jukša, Jeļena Mjakuško, Ilona Šauša and Zane Ziemeša.
Workshops was provided by Ilze Ruska and Uldis Ulmanis from animation studio „Debessmanna”.

More about activity:
Исследования обварной керамики.
Daugavpils Māla mākslas centrā popularizē Baltijas rūdīto keramiku.
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