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Ceramic Plein Air "Art - Zhizhal: masterclass"

From 18.07.2012. to 08.08.2012. in Bobruisk, district of Mogilev in Belarus was held X International Ceramic Plein Air ‘Art - Zhizhal: masterclass’, which was organized by the Bobruisk City Council Culture Department, by the Belarusian Union of Artists Bobruisk department and by the Bobruisk Art Museum named after G.G Poplavsky. This year Latvia was represented in plein air by the Daugavpils artist Ilona Sausa.

Ceramic Plein Air ‘Art - Zhizhal: masterclass’ in Bobruisk is the most important and largest ceramic event  in Belarus, in which the tenth time professional ceramists came from such countries as Latvia , Lithuania , Poland, Russia , Ireland , England, France , Ukraine, Moldova, Romania , Bulgaria, Azerbaijan , Kazakhstan and other. The distinction of this event is that in the plein air are used ancient and modern ceramic technologies as well as fermented ceramic.

During Ceramic plein air not only artists from different countries participate in it, but also you can meet representatives of the leading Belarusian museums and culture administrators, which is very important for the future cooperation abroad, because from June 2012 Daugavpils and Bobruisk are twinned cities. After the plein air artist I. Sausa visited Bobruisk art and history museums, as well as the Belarusian National History Museum Archives, with the aim to study fermented pottery.

I. Sausas creative journey to Ceramic Plein Air ‘Art - Zhizhal: masterclass’ was implemented by financial support of the Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation.


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